What is special about our horses?

We believe that the first step to producing greatness is to start with greatness.  All of our horses are selected to maintain the integrity of the Gypsy Cob heritage.  

Our foals are planned long before they enter the world to ensure that we are breeding and raising the best!

Quality is not just conformation, bone, and hair, it is also disposition.  We raise our foals and breed with an emphasis on disposition to ensure that our Gypsies are as well rounded as possible!


Nova is a complete powerhouse.  She has more bone and feather than a lot of stallions and her foals will leave a lasting impression on the Gypsy world for years to come.  She also has an extremely kind demeanor.  Nova was imported from SD farms in the UK.

Sire: SD Dixies Dancer
Dam: SD Sheba Filly
Height: 15 hands

SD Seeing Stars

Tesla was imported from SD farms and has a quiet and affectionate personality.  She is beautifully balanced with nice bone! We are thrilled that this lovely mare is a part of our herd!

Sire: SD Flash Harry
Dam: SD Big Bear
Height: 14.1

SD Tesla 

D is a favorite of everyone who comes to visit.  Her gorgeous bay roan color and wonderful structure makes her stand out.  Not to mention that her personality is amazing! She was imported from Canada and both of her parents are from England.

Sire: SD Touchdown
Dam: SD Diamond Dolly
Height: 13.3 hands

GHHH Dolly's Dream

Truffles is a gorgeous bay paint filly that is sweet and spicy!  She has incredible bone and silky feather that is thick.   She comes from Kohl's Cobs in Oregon and we are so thankful to have her as a part of our herd.  Her quality is not to be reckoned with!

Sire: SD Double Stuff
Dam: SD Sweetheart
Height: 14.1 hands

Kohl's Sweet Stuff 

Mira has size!  She is our biggest mare here at the ranch and is built like a tank!  There isn't anything to not love about this amazing mare. The best part about Mira is that she gives all of her wonderful traits to her foals.  They are all as thick and gorgeous as she is.  

Sire: SD Woolly Mammoth
Dam: SD Splash Mare 
Height: 15.1 hands

SD Esmeralda

When we imported Splash from England we knew she would be special but didn't know quite how special this girl really was until we met her!  She is embodies everything that Gypsy cob should be.   It is a privelege to own a mare as incredible as Splash.  She is a once in a lifetime mare and her foals are just as amazing.  

Sire: SD The Don
Dam:  SD Louboutin
Height: 14 hands

SD Splash of Glory

Keeper is a gorgeous mare that has a gentle, mellow, and friendly disposition.  She boasts a rich bay coat with lots of chrome.   Her feather is thick and silky and she has incredibly beautiful movement! 

Sire: SD Gold Digger
Dam: SD Down's Pride
Height: 14.1 hands

Kohl's She's A Keeper

We are obsessed with Ellie!  She is so social and sweet.  Ellie is a mini gypsy that we imported from England when she was a weanling.   A high quality mini gypsy is hard to find but this girl definitely doesn't disappoint!

Sire: Foundation Stock
Dam: SD Beyonce 
Height: 11.1 hands

SD Elegant Ellie

Kisses is a lovely bay mare that was imported from England.  She is a large mini which is a wonderful size and is very hairy.  We think she is pretty special... This mare is phenomenal!

Sire: SD The Conquerer 
Dam: Foundation Stock
Height: 12.1 hands

SD Amber Kiss

Kat is built like a tank and is loaded with hair!  She comes from some of our favorite lines and we couldn't pass her up when we found her.  Kat's thick black coat and friendly disposition are icing on the cake! 

Sire: SD Heavy D
Height: 13.3 hands

Golden Oak Midnight Conversations

Phoenix was our only filly of 2022! She was a surprise as her mom was bred through the fence by our stallion.    Phoenix was born early on December 26th, she was almost a Christmas foal! We can't wait to watch her mature because she is stunning!

Sire: SD Red Adair
Dam: SD Esmeralda
Estimated mature height: 14-15 hands

LC's Phoenix


Capone was imported in-utero!  We love how he is maturing and can't wait for his first offspring to hit the ground.  Capone is going to take the Gypsy world by storm!   

Sire: SD Napoleon
Dam: SD Splash of Glory
Height: 14 hands

SD Organized Crime 

Pendleton is impressive!  He was imported from England as we were looking for a stallion to add to our mini Gypsy program and this boy was all that we had hoped he would be.  He is an amazing asset to the mini Gypsy world and are so excited that he is here at our ranch. 

Sire: SD Halfeti 
Dam: SD Blooming Bouquet
Estimated mature height: 12 hands

SD Pendleton

Mastermind is a gorgeous blue blagdon Stallion!  He has thick bone, an abundance of hair, a good natured disposition and is smart!  He has two beautiful blue eyes to boot!  We love what this boy produces!  We have high hopes for him and are hoping to get him in the show ring in the future.

Sire: SD Masterplan
Dam: SD Prada
Height: 14.1 hands

Kohl's Mastermind

This boy is in a league of his own!  He has thick bone and hair for days!   I have admired his dam for quite some time and was thrilled at the opportunity to add him to our line up!    His quality is going to be hard to match and my favorite trait about this boy is his gentle, mellow disposition.   I have met very few horses that are as sweet as Dodger is!

Sire: SD Double Stuff
Dam: SD The Lager Mare 
Height: 13.3 hands

Kohl's The Challenger 

This homebred stallion is going to be amazing!  Goose is a stunning blue roan and at only 2 years old he is already turning heads.  He is only going to get better and better!

Sire: SD Red Adair
Dam: Kohl's Sweet Stuff
Height: Estimated 13.3 hands

LC's Got Your Back